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American medical journals have extensively dealt on practitioner’s mission that is based on a continued education activities based on research. This aims at educating and training of next generation health care providers.

Negative Vibes for MMS

One of the American attitudes in the medical care is a biased Feeling Better & Living Longer...attribution (opinion based on actual knowledge). This is one of the biggest issues confronting the use of MMS. And how about the diverse cultures that America is made up of?

American beliefs and biases on the elements of cure

  • America’s wonders in both science and medicine were based on factual research that includes testing and use. This seems to be what is lacking with MMS. Played on as a winning point that the detractors of acidified sodium chloride keeps harping on. Amplifying this is the culture of trust or mistrust.
  • The culture of distrust- Americans are warned to be oblivious to stranger’s always-one has to say no to someone newly met. Hubble is a stranger to the curative care as his background in aviation as an engineer is way distant from the rule of chemistry which his detractors has thrown against him continuously.
  • America has a diverse cultural population with mixed attitude on alternative cure. The examples given are the belief of African Americans that sickness is a will to destroy humans and the cure is Even your Animals will be Healthy for it!through healing powers of prayer. This makes Hubble, a preacher, well patronized in Africa. This is a contrast to the White Americans’ view of looking at diseases from natural causes and the traditional Native American’s view of a personal responsibility for one’s health.
  • The medical field is a business and uses patents and rights to stay and compete with anyone else struggling in the market. This makes MMS a good target for debates.
  • The US is full of the bandwagon style of luring people into something that will soon fade out. To validate that the MMS as an alternative cure is not a fad, it has been in the market for over ten years and the followers are growing.
  •  America has adopted a portable attitude towards Asian, and Indian traditional cure, most of which are not in direct conflict of interest in the US’ pill dependent culture of disease management.
  • It is interesting though that many still think the MMS supplement is a bleach – this is certainly not true in the traditional sense.

The angle of attitudes and biases in the way Americans view healing and cure show shades that is in contrast to Hubbels alternative cure. Right now he can just sit comfortably among patients who are in full trust of the alternative cure he is ready to offer. Or has he moved to Mexico as insinuated by his detractors?